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AKASS Engineering comprises of highly qualified professionals, most of them with engineering degree in Electrical/Electronics from recognized Universities in the country. The professionals have served in mission critical industry such as the aviation industry, the airline community, Universities, Agricultural organizations and have travelled all over the world and to remote parts of the country to fulfil their duties as  Consultant for Data Center establishment, VSAT Installers, Communication radio  installations, and implementation/ Maintenance of  various Communication devices and computer network infrastructures.

Recently AKASS has acquired two additional engineers to executive level, one with MSc in communication, will be heading our newly established Network security and  End point protection including security camera while the second Engineer joined us as a consultant for our training department with his BA in Education and a BSc in information Technology. Both have 5+ years of experience in the field and are are highly motivated.

This addition is in line with our aim to be the best players in the industry.

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