The team at AKASS engineering Performed a second 2.4m VSAT installation for Dashen Bank on the 1st of August, 2020 .

This time it was  a move of an existing VSAT system ( used for Master Card )  from  the companies old Head Office located at BekloBet, Debrezeit Road to it newly constructed Head office located at Lidet Sub-City, Sudan Street.

AKASS team, with the advantage of over 20 years of experience working with Government and Non Government office and extensive knowledge of the countries regulation in regard to VSAT and Telecom usage, was able  to consult and assist them secure the required permit from  Ethiopian Government Regulatory office for the move.

The project involved  dismantling of all equipment including the 2.4m antenna, IFL cable and indoor equipment which was installed on the roof of 5th floor of he old site and moving it to the roof of 4th floor of the new location.

The team also  provided all required spare materials for the move including, Feedhorn Plastic cover, N-Type Connectors, power cable, PVC trunking , Water-proofing insulating tapes and other materials.

The team is happy in handling this project which was very critical to the banks performance and its customers satisfaction. The project handed over to the IT team with successful installation of the system within the given time frame of 3 days ( July  30, 31 and August 1) . This is the second VSAT project handled by AKASS team within few weeks of time, which followed a successful installation of VSAT system for VISA card on the 24th of July.

Anteneh Kassaye